Walking Trail

at Llandegfedd Lake

Brought to you by Welsh Water

Lakeside Walking Trail

March to September only

A full circular route around Llandegfedd Lake. The trail covers a wide range of terrain consisting of mixed woodland, muddy tracks, protected grass and meadowlands, hills, steep embankments, steps and stream crossings. Sturdy ankle support is recommended.

Take your time whilst you enjoy the stunning views of Llandegfedd Lake, don’t forget your camera!

Route Details

Complete this walk in 2.5 – 4 hours as you take in the amazing views Llandegfedd Lake.

Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Distance: 6.0m / 10.0km

Time: 2.5 – 4 hours

Your Route


OS Explorer Map 152 Starting from ST 329 988


Starting at the Visitor Centre follow the path round toward the Waterport Centre. You will see a sign indicating walking trails. Proceed through the gate and immediately head left following the bottom of the field until you reach another gate leading you into the woodland.


Follow the waymarked woodland path until you reach a gate leading into the meadows. Continue walking through the meadows. It is important to stay off the shore as this is a common nesting ground for Ringed Plovers and a resting place for a number of birds. The shoreline is an Angler only area to minimise footfall and ensure everybody’s safety. Keeping to the right-hand side mowed path, walk past the inlet pumping station and into the north end car park. This is a great place to stop and have a picnic. Take a halfway rest and make use of the available toilet facilities if needed!


From the north end car park and picnic area, follow the trail sign through the entrance/exit gate and turn left up the track marked with another trail sign. It is important to note that this part of the public footpath is owned and maintained by Torfaen County Council so please be respectful and ensure you are following the Countryside Code at all times.


Follow the path leading past the house and keep to the right-hand side of the field marked with wooden posts. Turn around towards the top of the field and take in the beautiful view of the north end. You will reach a gate leading into the woodland. Please be wary of any livestock and ensure dogs are always kept on leads.


Following the route markers you will cross a road before following a path through a woodland and re-crossing the road. You will now head onto a lane where you will pass a farm and some buildings leading to another marked footpath.


Following the route markers through this woodland trail, leading through a field and back into a further woodland trail, eventually emerging back at the top of Sluvad road, just below the Welsh Water Treatment Works.


Turn left and proceed less than 100 metres along the roadway before crossing (be extra careful here). Enter the steps onto the final woodland path which will descend eventually to bring you out at the end of the dam wall leading back to the Visitor Centre.

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